Home remedies for cold and cough for babies

cold and cough
Home remedies for cold and cough for babies

Cough and cold are very often found in children which are also known as respiratory infection. Every year a large number of children are admitted in Hospital due to the respiratory problem. It is one of the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in young children. However, in general, cough and cold can be prevented by taking some Home remedies for cold and cough for babies.

Common reasons associated with a cough and cold:

Common remedies associated with a cough and cold are as follows:

Malnutrition: Failing to fulfill nutritional requirements make immunity too weak to fight the infectious responsible for common cold and cough.

Low birth weight: Low birth weight may due to malnutrition at the pre-birth stage.

Not Breastfeeding: Not breastfeeding of the baby leads to malnutrition of the baby. The World Health Organization recommends that all babies be exclusively breastfed for six months, then gradually introduced to appropriate family foods after six months while continuing to breastfeed for two years

Climatic variations especially in winter and rainy seasons: Climat variation, especially in winter and rainy season, may become the reason to have cough and cold. This is because of mainly two reasons, one is a sudden change in body temperature and another is microbes become more active during that period.

Allergy: Cold allergy, dust allergy, pollutant allergy, etc. leads to having sneezing, and other infection.

Overcrowding house: As it is a communicable disease, overcrowding may reason to spread the disease from infected to other.

Bad hygienic practices: Bad hygienic practices can help to increase the load of microbes in the environment which lead to increase the chance to have a frequent cough and cold.

Common sufferings due to cough and cold:

Common sufferings due to cough and cold/respiratory infection are as fever, cough, dyspnea, expectoration, chest indrawing, chest pain, respiratory sound like wheezing, snoring, etc.

Acute respiratory infection (ARI) / Pneumonia:

(ARI) / Pneumonia is the most frequent condition of acute illness in infant and child. In India, ARI is one of the major cause of childhood death. It is one of the major reason for which children are brought to hospitals or health clinics. Near 13% in-patient deaths are due to ARI. In India, more patients die at home than hospital due to ARI / Pneumonia.

Classification of ARI and Pneumonia: As per WHO recommendations, depending on the severity of the infections, ARI and Pneumonia can be classified are as follows:

  1. No Pneumonia: Only cough and cold may be with minor fever indicates no pneumonia. This can be treated at home with home remedies and does not require an antibiotic therapy.
  2. Pneumonia: Fast breathing i.e. increased respiratory rate with the presence of cough and clod is symptoms of Pneumonia (Not severe). In this case, the patient shall be treated in the Outpatient department (OPD).
  3. Severe Pneumonia: Chest indrawing with or without fast breathing indicates severe Pneumonia, Other signs which may present in severe Pneumonia are nasal flaring, Cyanosis, grunting or wheezing, etc. Patient with severe Pneumonia should be hospitalized urgently.
  4. Very severe disease: This condition shows danger sign like an inability to drink, excessive drowsiness, stridor in the calm child, grunting or wheezing, cyanosis, apnea, fever or hypothermia, convulsion, etc. Patient with very severe Pneumonia should be hospitalized top urgently.

Preventive measures of cough and cold / ARI:

Cough and cold or ARI can be prevented as well as minor infection (No pneumonia) can be cured by taking some home remedies which are as follows:

  1. Good hygienic practice related to personal and environmental hygiene: Good hygienic practice related to personal and environmental hygiene like washing hand, eating fresh food, regular sanitization of the environment, making a distance from the already infected people reduce the chances of infection responsible for cough and cold.
  2. Appropriate handling and disposal of the respiratory secretions of the infected individuals: Discharge from the infected individuals may spread the infections to others. Hence infected person should use tissue paper or cleaned cotton cloth for wiping the discharge and dispose of the same in a safe manner so it cannot infect others. Infected one should be isolated from the commonplace until get cured.
  3. Maintenance of warm and well-ventilated environment: Warm and vented environment prevent to increase the load of microbes.
  4. Avoiding synthetic cloth and exposure of skin: Synthetic cloth and exposure of skin may reason to decrease body temperature.
  5. Special protection during weather variation: Special protection shall be taken like wearing of warm cloth, not drinking very cold items (water, coke, etc.) during climatic variation.
  6. Maintenance of nutritional status: Nutritional status shall be maintained for up to 06 months baby with exclusive breastfeeding. thereafter a diet balance shall be maintained with adequate hydration.
  7. Immunization to be completed on time: Vaccination or immunization with pneumococcal vaccine shall be provided as per schedule.
  8. Use of home remedies:tulsi-honey
    1. Tulsi: Tulsi is very effective to prevent a common cough and cold and it even can cure a minor cough and cold. Tulsi contains ursolic acid which effectively works on common cough and cold. But here does is very important. 1.5 leaves / Kg body weight for 1 or 2 times per day.
    2. Honey: Honey is only recommended if the age of the child is more than 2 years. One teaspoon honey can be taken a day.
    3. Apart from these basak, zinger, hot soup, tea, etc. also can be helpful to reduce the impact of the problem.
  9. Avoid harmful practices like self-medication, it may have severe consequences.

Cough and cold are very common in people especially in babies and can be very severe if not handled properly. However, it can be easily prevented if above preventive measures are taken in advance. So follow home remedies for cold and cough for babies and stay healthy.

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