Why Jaggery is a good option compared to sugar

Jaggery and Sugar



Jaggery can be made of sugarcane juice, palm juice, and dates tree juice. Two types of jaggery are made, one is solid and another is liquid. When compared to sugar following benefits can be obtained from Jaggery:

  • Jaggery is found to be anti-allergic
  • It relaxes/detox respiratory muscle
  • In many cases jaggery cures constipation
  • It clears the body from toxins
  • It boosts digestion
  • Jaggery restore breathing disorders
  • It provides instant energy
  • It provides mineral and essential phytonutrients


Sugar Cube
Sugar Cube

Sugar is mainly maid from sugarcane and palm juice. It is crystal obtained from the juice. Now a days use of sugar increased where as use of jaggery is reduced. But actually sugar is found to harm us in many ways as follows:

  • It is source of empty calories, no nutrient is available.
  • Sugar induce sudden blood sugar spike.
  • It is a major reason for weight gain.
  • It is addictive, if taken in more quantity it increase chances of getting infection.

Slowing with the time use of jaggery is reduced and that sugar has taken. But jaggery is more beneficial when compared to sugar.

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